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Accelerate your business growth with skilled, Highly-skilled English-speaking Virtual Assistants who effortlessly adapt to your work schedule and style, ensuring your demands are met with precision and efficiency.

VA Prepaid Plans

Choose a plan that suites your needs

5 Hour Plan

$ 210 AUD
5 Hours
Consumable in 90 Days

10 Hour Plan

$ 420 AUD
10 Hours
Consumable in 90 Days

20 Hour Plan

$ 800 AUD
20 Hours
Consumable in 90 Days

40 Hour Plan

$ 1540 AUD
40 Hours
Consumable in 90 Days

90 Hour Plan

$ 3465 AUD
90 Hours
Consumable in 90 Days

Why Choose Us

Key Services Offered

Graphic Design

Transform your brand with our professional graphic design services. We create visually stunning logos, marketing materials, social media graphics, and more to help your business stand out.

Admin Tasks

Our VA services handle a variety of administrative tasks to keep your business running smoothly. From email management and calendar scheduling to data entry and document preparation, we ensure every detail is managed efficiently.

Marketing Automation and Integration

Streamline your marketing efforts with our Marketing Automation and Integration service. We help you automate campaigns, integrate tools, and analyze performance, making it easier to reach and engage your audience effectively.

Building Sales Funnel

Boost your sales with our Building Sales Funnel service. We create tailored funnels to guide your customers from awareness to purchase, optimizing each step to increase conversions and drive revenue growth.

Site Maintenance

Ensure your website runs smoothly with our Site Maintenance service. We handle updates, security, backups, and performance optimization to keep your site secure and efficient.

Wordpress Adhoc tasks

Enhance your WordPress site with our expert VA services. We provide content updates, plugin management, site maintenance, design tweaks, and troubleshooting to keep your website performing at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Your pre-paid hours are consumable within 90 days.

We will extend another 90 days from the date of expiration once you purchase another pre-paid hour plan within 1 week before the expiry.

For example: Your expiry date is June 8, 2023, then you need to buy another pre-paid hour plan starting June 1, 2023 onward so we can extend its expiry to September 6, 2023.

Our versatile services cover a wide range of tasks including VA/Admin support, graphic design, marketing automation and integration, building sales funnels and landing pages, site maintenance, and more. Just let us know what you need – if our team can do it, we will make it happen.

IMPORTANT: We can’t use the pre-paid hours if the project or task is under project-based and need to be quote (i.e Logo Design, Website Development, Website Redesign, Web App Development, Custom Script, etc.)

We will send you a google sheet link.

It happens when your current balance is not enough after we update your google sheet for the hours spent on that day. When this happens, we will advice you to buy another pre-paid hour plan or create an invoice for you to pay the unbilled hours.